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what "silos" is hiding inside?

silos 5 years passed from time of releasing our last studio record called "alpha". after many battles, and troubles we managed to record this new material.
an idea of this cd came into our minds near a koszalin (in polnad), day after our performance on "mooszelka 2000", into cereal silo, when we improvised in thanks to our landlords.
material ripen for next few years, and now, the time of it's releasing has come!

what is "silos" like?
the answer you've got to find yourself, dear el-fan.

we invite you to listen to the samples:

01. infrared part 1
02. infrared part 2
03. arpematik part 1
04. arpematik part 2 (whole compostition)
05. silos
06. swit w porze deszczowej (dawn in rainy season)

you could order a cd at our publisher page - requiem records.

to nasz występ na zef'99 we heartily welcome you on the webpage of the band "remote spaces." the band was basically formed as the logical conclusion to our fascination with music from the sign of el. our musical form was influenced mainly by musicians such as vangelis, klaus schulze and the band tangerine dream. we're sure you'll find echoes of the above mentioned artists listening to our "pieces."
many talented musicians in poland have had problems with publishing their own electronic music. they usually compose "to the shelf," hoping that in the future someone will publish their material. we decided not to wait and go against an unfriendly establishment. we take care of the promotion and distribution of our music. after nearly three years of rs's existence (almost four) our portfolio includes 2 cds, which we managed to promote on many radio shows dedicated to el-music. we also made appearances on local tv, in the music magazine "estrada i studio (stage & studio)", and we were interviewed multiple times, once by the polish fanzine "generator" (22/98).
however, our greatest triumph was our on-stage performance at the polish festival of electronic music zef'99 (zef - zlot elektronicznych fanatykow - electro-fanatic convention), where we were very warmly received. another one of our successes was the co-concert with the known polish electronic maestro - kayanis, and two first place awards in top tlen'99 (top tlen is an annual nationwide broadcast of polish el-music).